In the article by Dimitre, she writes the following statement - 

"The trouble is children are bombarded from day one with the message that they must have everything and instant gratification is the way to happiness."

Based on the article, what are some of the factors that have contributed to our rampant materialism in American culture? Do you agree or disagree with the idea that materialism is negatively affecting people (especially young people) in American culture? 

You will make two entries for this blog activity. First, in a well-developed response, answer the above listed questions
citing the article and your prior knowledge as support for your position. Second, choose one blogger's response and expand upon his/her thoughts regarding modern assimilation. Limit two elaborations per initial response; thus, if Jimmy
already has had two people reply to his blog, a third person's blog to Jimmy's response will not be scored. Choose someone ELSE! (Sorry, Jimmy!) 

Be advised: grammar and punctuation are scored as strongly as your ideas, so it is recommended that you type your thoughts in a Word document before posting. 

All responses and elaborations are due by Monday at Midnight!
Sorry 5th Period for the lack of instruction before - this is my first time teaching two AP classes at once. I think it will be best if we have two separate and independent blog response sites for future assignments. Feel free to read the other class's blog responses for inspiration, but answer any assignment questions here. Thanks for your patience!

You can enter your blog response any time after reading the article from the Assignments Page. Your entry should discuss the author's message concerning frivolous writing. Mention connections or concepts that resonate with you from
the reading. Reference the text to support your ideas for full credit. This blog closes on Monday October 3 at the beginning of the school day. You must submit one entry with your own ideas and connections and one entry where you
respond to another blogger's ideas or connections.